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About Vanity

Vanity Makeup (Ani Goulayan) began her journey as an artist at a young age. Her initial passion was drawing simple pictures with oil pastels and using shading/blending techniques for dimension. At the age of 15, she started playing with makeup and teaching herself through blogs and magazines.


Ani gained most of her experience as a makeup artist by working on shoots for free in exchange for photos she can add to her portfolio. She later started to work at salons and have her own clientele book. In 2015, Vanity began teaching small one day makeup courses which later became groups of 100+! In 2016, she opened her own makeup studio where she began teaching longer, more intense courses. Vanity Makeup, known as the contour queen via social media, started working on her own makeup line for years until she perfected her first launch, the Sculpt and Glow trio. This is the beginning of many more amazing products to come!

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