Master Your Makeup Routine with Our Model Cheekbone Contour Tutorial

Welcome to Vanity Makeup Cosmetics' blog! Today, we're featuring a very special contouring tutorial that elevates any look - the model cheekbone contour. This tutorial is wonderfully demonstrated by the talented Mua @daphsierra on our Instagram post, where she uses our best selling contour palette and face brush.

The contouring technique featured in this tutorial is intended to create a chiseled, model-like cheekbone effect. While this look will elevate any face type, it is particularly flattering for special occasions, professional photoshoots, and even a night out. Let's demystify this tutorial in detail:

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate

Though the end result looks remarkably professional, the tutorial itself navigates through the contouring process in a surprisingly easy-to-follow manner. Yet makeup beginners might require some practice before perfecting this model cheekbone contour look. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Materials Needed for This Look:

  • Vanity Makeup Cosmetics contour palette
  • Our specially designed face brush

Steps to Achieve the Look:

We have distilled the contouring process into some easy to follow steps drawn from our tutorial:

  1. Start with a clean, well-moisturized face.
  2. Begin contouring by mapping the areas where you want shadows (underneath cheekbones, along chin and nose)
  3. Blend the contour until it looks seamless.
  4. Complete the rest of your makeup look as desired.

Follow these steps, and you can create a model-like contour that's sure to impress. Want a visual guide? Check out our Instagram reel tutorial on this look.

Just remember that beauty is about expression and creativity. No matter your skill level or the makeup look you're trying to achieve, have fun with it!

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