Mesmerizing Smokey Eyes for a Bold Look

Capture everyone's attention with a mysterious and bold smokey eye as depicted in this Instagram post. This trend-setting eye makeup, complemented by a nude lip, is sure to set the stage for any event.

Use Cases for This Bold Makeup Look

This makeup look is versatile and can be worn to various occasions depending on your comfortability with bold styles. Here's some occasions where it might be an excellent fit:

  • Night outs: The dark, intense smokey eye is perfect for a night on the town.
  • Festivals: Stand out from the crowd with this bold, artistic style.
  • Photoshoots: This look is very well-suited to a glamorous or high-fashion photoshoot.
  • Themed parties: This style could fit particularly well with retro or gothic themed events.

Difficulty Level

This is a makeup look that requires skill and precision, and thus might be considered to be at an intermediate to advanced level. The successful execution relies on the ability to blend the dark eyeshadow perfectly without smudging.

Steps to Recreate this Bold Makeup Look

  1. Start with a moisturized, primed face. The smoother the base, the better the final outcome.
  2. Evenly apply a full coverage foundation matching your skin tone.
  3. Use a quality concealer to hide any blemishes or dark circles. This will also highlight the under-eye area.
  4. Set your base makeup with a translucent powder to keep it in place all day.
  5. For the brows, opt for a defined look using a brow pencil or gel in a shade close to your hair colour.
  6. Start your smokey eye look with a classic black eye pencil or gel liner. Apply it on your upper lid close to the lashes and smudge it out.
  7. On top of the black base, apply the black or grey eyeshadow and blend it thoroughly till you achieve the desired smoky effect. Gradually add more product to intensify the desired smokey look.
  8. Smudge some of the same eyeshadow along your bottom lashes to balance out the look.
  9. Complete the eye look with a volumizing mascara or false lashes.
  10. Add a touch of bronzer to the perimeter of your face and in the contour of your cheeks. Blend it in to add depth and warmth to your face.
  11. Apply a nude or natural shade of lipstick, and you are photo-ready!
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