Smokey Wing Liner Perfection: Achieve A Stunning Look with the Signature Palette

Is there anything more riveting than the perfect Smokey Wing Liner? We don't think so! Welcome to today's blog post, where we dive into the magnificent makeup look pulled off by the talented @edithgarib via Instagram. Inspired by @edithgarib's tantalizing style, we'll guide you to recreate her iconic look using Vanity Makeup Cosmetics' Signature Palette.

What You Need to Know About this Look

Whether you're headed to a fancy event or desiring to glam up your everyday look, this smokey wing liner is a match. Here's some handy information to keep in mind:

  • Level of Difficulty: Intermediate - While it's not as tricky as more complex makeup design, this look requires some precision and blending skills. Don't fret if you stumble at first - practice makes perfect!
  • Time: Expect to spend around 15-20 minutes to perfect this look.
  • Occasion: adaptable - From a cocktail party to a casual day-out, this versatile Smokey Wing Liner look will have you turning heads.
  • Palette Used: Vanity Makeup Cosmetics' Signature Palette - Our palette renders the perfect mix of shades for achieving a flawless Smokey Wing Liner.

Recreate the Magic with these Step-by-Step Instructions

Buckle up and get your makeup tools ready, because we're about to dive in:

  1. Make sure your eyelids are primed and ready for makeup. This will ensure that your eyeshadow stays in place for longer.
  2. Choose a light base from our Signature Palette and apply it evenly on your lids using a flat brush.
  3. Pick a dark shade for the outer edges of your lids and apply it using a fluffy brush, blending well to avoid harsh lines.
  4. Gradually build the color towards the edges to make the signature wing, extending outwards from the corner of the eye.
  5. Shade in with a darker color on the outer edges for the 'smokey' effect.
  6. Last but least, apply your favorite mascara to give volume to your lashes
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