Shine with the Glitter Eye and Bold Lip Look

Get ready to dazzle with the captivating makeup look featured in this Instagram post. This makeup statement is all about eye-catching glitter eyes beautifully balanced by a bold lip for an absolutely stunning effect.

Use Cases for This Glitter Eye and Bold Lip Look

This sparkling makeup look is fantastic for when you want to be the life of the party:

  • Celebratory Events: Shine at festive celebrations, holiday parties, or birthday bashes.
  • Club Nights: Own the dance floor with this glittering look.
  • Themed Photoshoots: Bring extra pizzazz to glamour or fashion shoots.
  • Galas & Premieres: Stand out at red carpet events and movie premieres.

Difficulty Level

Creating this look can be a little challenging, especially handling the glitter eyeshadow. It certainly requires a steady hand and some makeup technique knowledge. However, with the right tools and practice, a beginner can also master this look.

Steps to Achieve This Glitter Eye and Bold Lip Look

  1. Start with clean, well-moisturized skin. Apply a primer to prolong the wear of your makeup.
  2. Select a foundation that matches your skin tone. Use concealer as needed to cover any blemishes or under-eye circles.
  3. Shape and fill your eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil or gel.
  4. Apply an eyeshadow primer to ensure the glitter sticks well. Use a medium-toned eyeshadow as a base, then apply the glitter eyeshadow carefully, minimizing fallout. Finish off with eyeliner and mascara.
  5. Use contour to define your cheekbones and apply a light blush for a healthy touch of color. Highlight your cheekbones to accentuate the glow.
  6. For the lips, choose a bold shade that complements your complexion. Ensure precise application with a lip brush for a professional finish.
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