Add Charm with the Glittery Eye and Nude Lip Look

Sparkle your way into any event with the glittery eye makeup look that's beautifully paired with a nude lip, as featured in this Instagram post.

Use Cases for the Glittery Eye and Nude Lip Look

This dazzling makeup look is great for various occasions when you need that extra touch of sparkle:

  • Birthday Parties: This look is perfect to make a statement at a birthday bash.
  • Night Out: Shimmer and shine on a fun night out in the town.
  • Festival or Concert: Stand out in the crowd at a musical event or festival.
  • Wedding: Shine at a wedding ceremony as a guest or even a bridesmaid.

Difficulty Level

This glittery eye look requires a bit of expertise, mainly because dealing with glitter can be tricky. But with a little patience and practice, this stunning look is achievable.

Steps to Achieve The Glittery Eye and Nude Lip Look

  1. Start with fresh, moisturized skin. Apply a makeup primer to keep your makeup intact for a longer period.
  2. Choose a foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone. Conceal any imperfections with a good concealer. Don't forget to blend well.
  3. Groom your eyebrows using a brow pencil or pomade to get a defined look.
  4. For the eyes, apply an eye primer. Start with a neutral eyeshadow, followed by the glittery eyeshadow, preferably applied with a damp brush. Finish with a sweep of eyeliner and generous coats of mascara.
  5. Use bronzer to add warmth to your skin. Add a pop of blush on your cheeks and highlight on the high points of your face.
  6. End the look with a nude lipstick or gloss for a complete sparkling glam finish.
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