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Round Blender + Tapered Blender

Round Blender + Tapered Blender

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Round Blender

A round-shaped blending brush.

This is a must-have brush for your vast array of eyeshadow palettes.

  • Perfectly shaped for its function, the round blending brush has soft bristles that are full and fLucy.
  • It can hold the eyeshadow well and blend smoothly for an all over crease.
  • Seamlessly blend eyeshadows and concealers with this blender. 
  • The soft and absorbent bristles work great with loose or pressed eyeshadow.

Tapered Blender

A fluffy & slightly taller eyeshadow brush used for blending eyeshadow seamlessly in the crease and diffusing.

  • The fluffy dome shape bristle head is perfectly designed for applying transition shade into the crease of the eyelid.
  • The bristles are soft and fluffy giving you the right amount of pressure when blending. 
  • The tapered bristles enable precision blending powder eyeshadows. It buffs harsh lines creating a smoother finish.
  • Add depth and dimension to eye look using this must have brush. 
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